Monday, August 29, 2011

Bohemian Wedding Hairstyle

Dont you just love the leaf detail on her hair? its delicate.

How to do Boho on your wedding day? The hair styling is a must. Just remember that bohemian is an unconventional lifestyle involving musical, artistic pursuits.

You can draw inspiration from arwen of lord of the rings. Her hair is pretty bohemian like.

Think laid back , creativity, love and a good sense mix and match fashion. All in all when you get that feel , you'll get this --->

which is pure awesome.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dark hair

Short wedding hairstyles

Bridal hair for Asians

Simple flowers

simple adornments is the best !

you want to be the centre of the attention on your special day dont you?

Grecian Goddess Wedding Hair

Basic step by step on how to create this updo on youtube.

Mermaid like Bridal hair

I love the mermaid hair look...a crown of flowers ...

what can you do with this look?

1) when you have a beach theme wedding... wear your hair for one of the events.
2) add accessories that are inspired by sea shells, pearls or starfish.
3) flower wreaths
4) wavy hair absolutely!

Another mermaid look that you can do is this sleek wet look with pearls on your hair. Isn't it lovely? I love that it is paired with corralled earrings. Spectacular.

Here is another version which is just stellar.