Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Game of Thrones wedding hairstyle

I think hair braids are the craze nowadays and I've been craving to see if there's anyone who'll try these hairstyles inspired by games of thrones.

My favourite and of course everyone including those who doesn't watch it  would  recognize daenary's braids... but i do suspect that her paltinum's locks is the reason that she looks so good with this simple braid.

What Daenarys has is a simple thick side braids like the ones that this tutorial is going to show you.
 It is similar but you have to start a bit lower then the one in the step by step. here, go to her website for instructions :)...

On the other hand if you prefer medium sized braids this one looks similar to our khaleesi's hairstyle too.

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If you're a fan you know that she has another style that I think you could wear on your special day. wink wink. It's the one that she wears on her wedding day.

and As much as I hate Cersei, I do love her delicate braids...

Here's a tutorial to help you get her style going...
Can't wait to find if anyone tries this.

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